Today, on Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday, Hummingbird Sensing Technology, a gas analyser manufacturer, has been awarded the 2016 Queen’s Award (QA) for Enterprise.

The UK-based company, which is a division of leading gas analysis company, Servomex, received the award to recognise its innovation in the design and manufacturing of its Paramagnetic oxygen (O2) sensors, which are widely used in medical and industrial applications.

The unique design of Hummingbird’s O2 sensor utilises a torsion dumbbell system – two nitrogen (N2) filled glass spheres which are mounted on a noble, metal, taut-band suspension within a strong magnetic field – to attract and detect O2.

The more O2 that is present pushes the glass spheres further from the magnetic field, creating a highly sensitive sensor providing accurate readings.

The Technical Center video (below) shows how these sensors are made.

Chuck Hurley, President of the Servomex Group, highlighted, “As worldwide leaders in innovation for gas sensing technologies, we are extremely proud that our continued work in this field has been recognised through this prestigious award.”

“This has been achieved by constantly pushing boundaries of research and design, continuing to challenge and improve on traditional technologies, whilst developing new sensors for unparalleled measurement, accuracy and stability.”

The Paramagnetic sensor range is used across a variety of industries, such as in medical equipment, gas purity measurements and in O2 detection for life safety.

Having received the award, Hummingbird will now be allowed to use The Queen’s Emblem in its advertising, marketing and on its packing for the next five years, as a symbol of its success.