The company that launched the first Weld Purge Monitor in 1975, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, has introduced a new dedicated weld purge monitor to the market.

Having developed the models MKI to MKV in a particular style, the company says, it has embraced advanced technology to create a new instrument designated PurgEye™100 that offers significant advances over previous models.

According to a media release, the Principal PurgEye™100 features a zero calibration facility, integrated auto-calibration which calibrates both at ambient and again at the lowest oxygen reading at the touch of a button, a tripod mount, and accuracy at low level readings.

The PurgEye™ 100 has an algorithm in the software to correct the reading at the low oxygen levels to ensure this accuracy and repeatability of readings.

Other features include a low battery indicator and a ‘replace sensor’ indicator.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques notes that the cost of these ‘attractively priced, UK manufactured and CE marked units’ are expected to stay the same the same as their previous versions.