A new catalyst and process technology has been developed to help industrial companies convert harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) waste into high value, sustainable products.

Developed by carbon tech company HYCO1, the technology can both quickly and drastically reduce carbon emissions with no upfront costs.

As a result of utilising the technology, millions of tonnes CO2 emissions can annually be transformed into high purity gases that a currently highly in demand for green chemical production. 

On the development, Greg Carr, co-founder and CEO of HYCO1, said, “High CO2 emitting companies are looking for solutions to decarbonise.”

“Our CO2 catalyst cost-effectively converts up to 100% of CO2 into usable gases, whereas conventional CO2 reforming technologies are limited to a much lower conversion rate at a considerably higher cost.”

“We can directly meet the decarbonisation objectives and corporate mandates that chemicals, fuels, building materials, and power industries are seeking.”

From food grade waxes and efficient motor oils, to paints, dyes, fertilisers and fuel, HYCO1 can create carbon-negative or carbon-neutral products at the same or higher quality than products made from petrochemicals.

Carr, continued, “We’re delivering a better way to reduce, reuse and recycle carbon with bankable turnkey customer solutions.”

“Our carbon transformation process technology ‘drops into’ existing, manufacturing processes and integrates seamlessly at any scale above 250 tonnes per day.”