The future of Hydrail, that's hydrogen-powered railways to me and you, is to be revealed to the world at its third international conference in August.

Demonstrators from across the globe including India, Canada, South Korea, Denmark and France are to take part in the eye-opening event. The conference is to be held in North Carolina, where the city of Charlotte has expressed interest in a hydrogen railway system replacing its current freight line, which connects to Mooresville 30 miles away.

They will present their ideas on how to speed up this environmentally friendly transit system to delegates and the public at large. The advantages of a hydrogen run system are obvious - no harmful pollutants because only water vapour is produced.

Hydrail has failed to grab the headlines over the past few years with attention focusing on hydrogen run cars, but it is felt that their time is approaching. The advantage of Hydrail over hydrogen cars is that a huge supporting infrastructure for the system does not have to be built to support the locomotives. They have the potential to be used in factories, mines and military bases as they produce zero emissions and less noise when in operation.

Stan Thompson, who organized this year's conference said, $quot;Hydrail is emerging as the replacement for diesel, and it's clean. It's going to change the way the world moves people and goods.$quot;