Australia-based Hydrexia, a global hydrogen supply company, today announced an agreement with HyGear, supplier of industrial gases and on-site generation systems, to supply hydrogen in Europe.

The hydrogen will be produced by HyGear’s Hy.GEN steam methane reforming (SMR) facilities located across Europe. The agreement between the two companies allows for development and supply of a complete hydrogen generation, storage and distribution system with a lower cost product for customers.

“The partnership with Hydrexia is a great strategic step in our growth towards being the most cost-effective gas supply partner. Our on-site hydrogen and nitrogen supply, together with our gas recovery systems offer a competitive advantage for both the customer and HyGear”, says Marinus van Driel, CEO HyGear.

Hydrexia distribution trailers deliver hydrogen to smaller customers situated around the Hy.GEN hub, which would otherwise not be good candidates for onsite generation. Ground-mounted, solid-state storage systems provide buffer and backup storage for the HyGen backup operations, at about half the CAPEX of traditional hydrogen tube trailers. They also provide reduced OPEX costs, operating at low pressure and being directly refilled by the onsite Hy.GEN system, eliminating the need for trucked in high pressure hydrogen to replenish backup storage.

As Hydrexia enters the European market, the partnership with HyGear is a strong move to becoming a distributor of the lowest cost hydrogen in Europe.

“HyGear is showing confidence in Hydrexia’s technology in partnering with us to expand their business. With their Hy.GEN SMR and our storage and distribution systems, our end customers will be able to enjoy the lowest possible cost hydrogen supply system,” said Hydrexia CEO Erik Hansen.