New Holland Agriculture has launched the world’s first hydrogen-powered tractor.

The world leading agricultural equipment brand has used existing hydrogen technology developed for small vehicles, on a much larger scale, to create an environmentally friendly tractor.

The NH2 hydrogen-powered tractor was developed by New Holland Agriculture as part of its Energy Independent Farm concept – a structure for agriculture in the future, in which farmers produce their own compressed hydrogen.

The company believes farmers can make good use of the land they have by erecting wind farms, solar panels, or biomass and biogas equipment to generate electricity, which can then be used to produce compressed hydrogen from water.

The NH2 has no diesel tank, no combustion engine, no exhaust pipe and no gear box.

A hydrogen-fuel cell system converts compressed hydrogen into electricity, which powers two electric motors in the tractor, enabling it to move along with water (steam) as its only emission.

The tractor is based on New Holland Agriculture’s T6000 model, and although still at prototype stage, it can already perform to the same standard.