The people of Singapore will get to see and understand more about sustainable mobility in March, when 5 liquid hydrogen-powered cars arrive in the South Pacific and BMW demonstrates the marvels and feasibility of its Hydrogen 7 Series vehicles.

From 6th -23rd March 2008 the BMW CleanEnergy Hydrogen 7 Series cars - along with a mobile refuelling station – will be on display in Singapore and students, government leaders and private sector chiefs alike will be among those invited to view the vehicles.

Experts from the BMW Group will be on hand to explain the workings of the CleanEnergy technology to visitors, including members of the public, as well as university students during the event - which is supported by the National Environment Agency and the Singapore Environment Council.

The National Environment Agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Lee Yuen Hee, commented, “Our strategy to ensure that Singapore's ambient air quality remains good goes beyond traditional control measures of fuel quality, emission standards, and enforcement. We are constantly looking out for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies that contribute to environmentally sustainable transportation. BMW's CleanEnergy programme is one such initiative that could potentially contribute towards this objective.”

For all practical purposes, the BMW Hydrogen 7 Series emits nothing but vapour while running in the hydrogen mode and as a result makes a significant contribution to the drastic reduction of emissions in individual transport, helping also to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Managing Director of BMW Asia, Roland Krueger, reflected on the company’s enlightening showcasing in the South Pacific, “We want to share this technology with Singapore, because the country has a very clear vision of the central importance of clean energy in the overall national development plan. The BMW Group believes the technology that we have developed is the future of responsible motoring. It is tomorrow’s solution for the transportation challenges that we face today and this is also something that we believe will resonate with Singapore’s efforts at finding and developing strategies for continued sustainable growth and development.”

Four of the vehicles will provide chauffeured rides for key VIP’s and media, while the fifth will be presented in a specially built, glass-and-steel pavilion that will be on display throughout.