India’s first hydrogen fuel-dispensing bunk will make it easier for the country to manufacture and run hydrogen fuelled cars.

The bunk, which is located at Dwarka, in New Delhi, is part of a long term plan to diversify the energy mix of the country and secure its future.

As hydrogen becomes more accessible, companies are expected to make use of it in addition to other fuels like petrol CNG and diesel.
Hydrogen is more environmentally friendly than the other fuels, only emitting water in its production.

General Motors India has already confirmed that its next generation car will be hydrogen fuelled.
It has also been suggested that the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas have funded a joint project for erecting hydrogen stations throughout India.

While the country waits for the new hydrogen fuelled cars, which require a completely different engine, CNG vehicle owners will be encouraged to have their vehicles modified slightly to enable them to run on a mixture of hydrogen fuel.