US based Hydrogen Engine Center recently received a letter of intent from investment group Brightwell Holdings BV.

The Letter of intent puts HEC in position to design, test, build and ship up to 200 alternative-fueled marine engines capable of running on hydrogen for use in water taxis. The water taxis are a 10.9 metre long catamaran boat that will provide transportation for up to 10 people in seaside towns.

The marine engines would be built based on the HEC's new 7.5L V-8 and are intended to replace the 240 HP diesel fueled engines currently used to power water taxis in Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Greece.

With a newly built manufacturing plant, Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. is able to quickly manufacture and ship alternative-fuel engines to previously untapped markets. Over time, the Company expects the marine industry to have a high demand for alternative fuels and non-carbon based emission engines.