Following successful conferences in Yokohama in 2004 and Lyon in 2006, the 17th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC 2008) will be held in Brisbane, Australia between June 15th – 19th 2008 and will highlight the complexities of utilising hydrogen as an energy carrier.

The WHEC 2008 programme will cover a range of topics highlighting these complex challenges, including the methods of generating hydrogen, materials for hydrogen storage, infrastructure development and hydrogen utilisation technologies, particularly fuel cell systems.

The conference will also provide extensive networking opportunities to delegates and deliver the most relevant information on all matters concerning hydrogen and fuel cell technology. WHEC 2008 will cover a wide range of technical issues; from how hydrogen is safely produced, stored, transported and utilised to broader topics such as environment, education and regulatory developments.

The subject of hydrogen generation will include the conversion of fossil fuels to the use of renewable energy sources and nuclear power. Sessions on hydrogen storage will be devoted to the investigation of advanced materials such as metal hydrides, while sessions on infrastructure development will discuss the technical viability and economics of energy transport and refuelling stations.

Hydrogen utilisation forms a key area of the programme, with sessions dedicated to the use of hydrogen in engines and turbines as well as the many types of fuel cells currently under development for transport, stationary and portable power systems. Interest in fuel cell vehicles continues to grow as more demonstrations are launched, and these will be reviewed together with associated technical issues such as the design of on-board storage tanks.

The international and environmental perspectives of hydrogen energy and fuel cell systems, as well economic and commercialisation topics will be covered, as will a session devoted to the issue of safety and the development of international codes and standards.

The WHEC 2008 co-hosts, the International Association for Hydrogen Energy and the Australian Institute of Energy look forward to seeing you in Brisbane in June 2008.