It's impossible to buy a hydrogen car at present and the concept is still under ongoing research and development, but the mass production of hydrogen cars for kids is just around the corner!

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies (HFCT), the company which produces hydrogen fuel cells for toy cars and boats, has signed a deal with Wah Shing Toys which will see the company mass manufacture HFCT's products.

The quirkiest product so far is the H-Racer, a miniature hydrogen powered car developed and produced by HFCT. It comes complete with a fuelling station which, when filled with water, extracts hydrogen from the H2O molecules. Electrons are then extracted from the hydrogen atoms to power the battery in the car, with the electricity for splitting the water molecules derived from a solar panel.

The toys are an all-green, novel and educational bit of fun for children and provide another indication of the future direction of energy resources.

The two companies will examine ways to develop other toys with clean power sources, while the mass production should also help to reduce prices and improve cost efficiency.