The first hydrogen fuelling station in Illinois is due to be officially opened today at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Congressman Peter Roskam is due to open the station, which will aim to supply prototype hydrogen fuel cell vehicles operating in the local area. The refuelling station will also be accessible to the public, although this will only be by arrangement.

The station is capable of producing its own supply of hydrogen, either from natural gas or ethanol, or through the electrolysis of water. According to GTI, the choice of Congressman Roskam to open the station is apt, as he views energy independence as a priority.

$quot;I am pleased to be a strong advocate for an organisation on the cutting edge of alternative energy production in my district,$quot; the congressman said. $quot;GTI is a leader in developing technology that will help us lessen our dependence on foreign sources of energy and keep our environment healthy for future generations.$quot;

GTI also has hydrogen infrastructure projects underway in California and Texas.