Long Island, New York, now boasts hydrogen vehicle fueling capability thanks to Air Products.

Air Products’ hydrogen fueling technology was formally dedicated at a ceremony as part of an alternative fuel, green energy initiative led by the Town of Hempstead.

Air Products is a member of the project team establishing Long Island’s first hydrogen fueling station, along with the Town of Hempstead, the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA), National Grid, and Proton Energy Systems.

“This is a wonderful project with a lot of visibility being located on Long Island. It showcases our dispensing technology, which has the capability to provide hydrogen generated from multiple sources, and in this case, generated by electrolysis from water,” said Bruce Luff, Business Development Manager of Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products.

“We have also fueled vehicles and provided hydrogen at other sites from electrolysis driven by solar and wind methods. The Town of Hempstead and all the New York agencies involved with this green energy demonstration project should be applauded for their effort,” he added.

Town Supervisor Kate Murray commented, “We are very excited to be at the forefront of an innovative project that explores what we can do to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and improve our environment.”

“By demonstrating hydrogen technology and educating the public about hydrogen as an alternative fuel, Hempstead Town’s hydrogen fueling station will help us to lay the groundwork for a cleaner community and a greener planet for future generations.”

Hydrogen for this fueling station, located at the town’s Conservation and Waterways facility in Point Lookout, will be produced through an electrolysis process that generates hydrogen from water. The process does not involve any fossil fuels. The electrolyser is provided by Proton Energy Systems.

“We are honored to be a part of Long Island’s first hydrogen fueling station, an innovative and important project,” said Rob Friedland, President and Chief Executive Officer at Proton Energy Systems.

“Our mission at Proton Energy is to apply advanced hydrogen technology in creative and practical ways to achieve the goals of a project. Hydrogen fueling stations such as Hempstead’s offer major promise for the future, and today marks an important milestone in renewable energy initiatives.”

The project’s goals are to demonstrate, evaluate and educate people about hydrogen’s energy technology and potential.

The technology includes an electrolyser, hydrogen storage and compression system, and multiple fueling dispensers, which are able to provide hydrogen, a hydrogen and compressed natural gas blend, and compressed natural gas for alternative fueled vehicles.

Air Products supplied the fueling technology and installed all hydrogen infrastructure for the demonstration project.