Peak Scientific Instruments, a world-leader in the field of gas generator technology for the gas chromatograph (GC) market, has unveiled its new hydrogen gas generator systems.

The company’s PH Hydrogen Gas Generators are designed to deliver an uninterrupted supply of 200, 300 or 600cc per minute of hydrogen, achieving high purity by employing an ion exchange membrane and the technology of a platinum catalyst in the electrode area, without using any caustic solutions.

Trusted technology that has been proven successful in Peak Scientific’s CFH range has been implemented in the new PH range, ensuring reliable service.

Features of the product include a Self-Check for internal leaks on Power-Up, a mechanical pressure switch & forced air ventilation making the generator a safe option to usual gas cylinders.

For more than 10 years, Peak Scientific has worked closely with instrument users to develop generators that match the specific gas requirements of each GC system to ensure optimum performance.