The halfway stage has been reached in the $600m Sea-to-Sky upgrade project, key progress to ensuring the opening of the Hydrogen Highway between Canada and California.

The Sea-to-Sky upgrade project is a public-private partnership between the British Columbia government and the Vancouver-based S2S Transportation Group and is scheduled to be completed within two years, with almost 60km of the 100km route now upgraded.

British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell and transportation minister Kevin Falcon were present at Britannia Beach, north of Vancouver, to mark the halfway point in the project and raise awareness of the development. Campbell even arrived at the event in a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, to draw attention to the hydrogen nature of the scheme and said the intention of the plan is to provide stations that will allow hydrogen-powered vehicles to refuel along the route at Whistler, Vancouver and another station in Surrey.

Falcon commented, $quot;They are ahead of schedule on a very major, complex project, and they're also on budget. The way these guys are working, it looks like it's probably going to be completed ahead of schedule.$quot;

The province government is also working with local native bands to widen the highway through their traditional territory and this positive development is perhaps another indication that the hydrogen economy of the future is now looming large on the horizon.