The much publicised Norwegian hydrogen highway has been officially opened this Spring, amidst a wave of publicity which saw a number of hydrogen-powered vehicles take part in an adrenaline-fuelled scenic rally.

More than a dozen hydrogen-powered cars rallied along a secnic route between capital city Oslo and Noth Sea oil hub Stavanger, as Norway opened its 560km hydrogen highway in May.

The highway, named HyNor, was officially opened by Norway's Transport Minister Liv Signe Navarsete - a project that has been driven by StatoilHydro and the collective HyNor partnership.

The Norwegian oil and gas producer has built several hydrogen filling stations between Oslo and Stavanger, to cater for cars with fuel-cells technology.

The zero-emission vehicles have short ranges but promising results and in the longer-term, it's claimed that StatoilHydro may link the HyNor highway to a hydrogen autobahn in northern Germany. Both Japan and California already have hydrogen highways.

The first hydrogen station was opened at Forus in Stavanger in 2006, the second opened in Porsgrunn in 2007 and now, two new stations are open in Oslo and Lier. HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway joined the first stage of the EVS Viking Rally, from Oslo to Lier, together with internationally renowned rally driver Henning Solberg.