The new organisation devoted to establishing the UK as a global leader in hydrogen (H2) and fuel cell technology has unveiled its new website.

Launched in January this year, the Hydrogen Hub brings industry, business, stakeholders and local authorities together to develop and deploy H2 and fuel cell projects, meeting current energy and transportation needs and driving industry investment at a local and national level.

The new online portal outlines the affiliation’s objectives and demonstrates the benefits of both H2 and fuel cell technology.

All in all, the Hydrogen Hub incorporates around 30 organisations that are involved in the H2 sector. The organisation’s first hub, which features a public H2 refuelling station, was inaugurated in Swindon this year with two more sites scheduled to be established in 2017.

The Hydrogen Hub Executive Team, which comprises of key industry members and local authorities, meets quarterly to identify potential opportunities in the sector and provides strategic direction, sets priorities and takes a leadership role in the development of local Hydrogen Hubs projects.

By creating targeted hubs concentrating activity locally, the association believes infrastructure can be shared, costs reduced and communities engaged – thus promoting the UK’s profile in the wider H2 economy.

New Chairman Kevin Fothergill holds 12 years of industry experience in H2 and fuel cell technologies. He enthused, “The Hydrogen Hub initiative will work to facilitate the introduction of H2 and fuel cells as a key part of the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy.”