The Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells expo in Hannover, Germany will see 135 exhibitors from 23 countries present their newest applications, products and research advances in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells.

Running from April 16-20 the expo will showcase companies such as Hydro Oil & Energy Hydrogen Technologies from Norway and Hydrogenics Corp. from Canada who will demonstrate their electrolysers that generate hydrogen using hydropower. Linde AG are also on board and will communicate their efforts in building a hydrogen infrastructure, as well as their experience with Linde's hydrogen filling station and test centre in Munich.

Hot topics will be fuel cell components, portable fuel cells, fuel cells for mobile applications like buses, cars, forklifts and boats, back-up systems, test benches, reformers, hydrogen storage and transport, education as well as the latest results from several leading research institutions.

$quot;Stationary fuel cells will certainly be a focal point of this year's exhibition,$quot; says Tobias Renz, managing director of the Group Exhibit H2/FC. Taking this theme further, trade show visitors can discover more about combined heat & power fuel cell units from Viessmann, Vaillant, BAXI Innotech, Hexis and Siemens Power Generation. At present these units are powered by natural gas, where a reformer breaks down the natural gas and generates a hydrogen-rich gas with which the fuel cell is fed. Power can therefore be produced in a decentralized system.

In addition to the products to be seen at each booth, the Group Exhibit's Forum will open up the floor for company heads and leading researchers to discuss present challenges in the commercialization of this technology. At the Forum, trade show visitors can listen in on compact interviews all week long at no additional charge.

The number of exhibitors in 2007 reveals a 30 per cent increase in comparison with the last few years. This year's Group Exhibit also boasts 39 first-time exhibitors. Organisers say the steadily growing participation over the past 13 years confirms that the Group Exhibit H2/FC as Europe's most important hydrogen and fuel cell event.