German hydrogen (H2) storage company Hydrogenious Technologies has entered into a collaboration agreement with China-based Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd.

The new strategic partnership will accelerate production of Hydrogenious’ LOHC H2 refuelling stations and establish a large-scale H2 mobility infrastructure in China starting from next year.

Charles Lu, Founder and CEO of Broad-Ocean, a “leading company in the field of H2 fuel cells for mobility”, said the company is enthusiastic about the possibilities that arise from Hydrogenious’ LOHC technology for the build-up of a Chinese H2 infrastructure.

The CEO of Hydrogenious Technologies, Dr. Daniel Teichmann, sees his company well positioned for the ambitious plans, “China is very serious in transforming the mobility sector to emission-free technologies. This partnership with Broad-Ocean enables us to be a significant driver in this transformation. We will launch the first LOHC H2 refuelling station in early 2019 and will use Broad-Ocean’s resources and experience to ramp up a large-scale roll-out plan over the following years.”

The companies will create a network of LOHC H2 refuelling stations throughout China.