Air Liquide Canada, a leading global provider of industrial, medical and specialty gases, has taken part in the inauguration of the first permanent hydrogen station in Ottawa as part of the ongoing Hydrogen on the Hill project.

Since the launch of the project, led by a consortium of partners in the public and private sectors, in December 2006 the 3 hydrogen buses operating as part of the Senate of Canada’s shuttle fleet have performed over 6,000km in daily service on Parliament Hill.

Also a leading global provider of hydrogen technologies, Air Liquide Canada’s commitment to develop clean technologies is demonstrated through the second phase of the project and the launch of the fuelling station.

Luc Doyon, president and chief operating officer of Air Liquide Canada, said, “As we work towards the transition to a renewable hydrogen economy, we are delighted to see the next step in this project become a reality. This partnership between industry and government to educate the public about hydrogen is a shining example of our joint commitment to sustainable development.”

Speaking of the opening of the station and the future of hydrogen highways in the country, Pierre Gauthier, Air Liquide Canada’s director of hydrogen energy, commented, “We have invested seriously in hydrogen research and technology and see today’s fuelling station opening in Ottawa as an integral part of our energy and environmental strategy to develop a secure delivery and storage infrastructure capability. We are proud to be taking the first steps in helping build Canada’s future hydrogen highway.”

The Hydrogen on the Hill project aims to heighten public awareness to the benefits of hydrogen energy technologies and the future role of hydrogen as an alternative energy fuel. In addition to Air Liquide Canada, the project consists of Industry Canada, Advanced Technologies, Fuels Canada and a number of other partners.

With over 50 years of expertise in the hydrogen business, Air Liquide is one of the pioneering company’s that is developing an entire hydrogen energy supply chain, from producing hydrogen to developing solutions for distribution and applications.