The first phase of a unique $2bn hydrogen power and carbon capture project in Abu Dhabi has been postponed by at least a year.

According to, the Hydrogen Power Abu Dhabi project – a joint venture between Abu Dhabi’s Masdar and engineering firm Hydrogen Energy – has been postponed, as various backers of the project attempt to resolve undisclosed technical issues.

Masdar unveiled the project back in January 2008; when it was claimed the hydrogen-fuelled power plant would be capable of meeting the Emirates’ power requirements in the future. claims a spokesman for BP, which formed a partnership with Rio Tinto to create Hydrogen Energy, said that despite the setback, all partners were still fully committed to the project, and added that a final decision on go-ahead will be made next year.

This decision however was expected in early 2009, allowing the plant to come into commercial operation in 2012.

It is now anticipated the plant will not be fully operational before 2014.