A number of British politicians lined-up to drive a new hydrogen powered car – the Mercedes Benz B Class F CELL.

Accompanying the vehicle was Air Products' hydrogen fuelling station which also drew gazes. Indeed, both exhibited the very imminent possibility of hydrogen powered eco-travel.

Policymakers, including the Transport Minister Norman Baker, were given the opportunity to drive the F-CELL on the roads around Parliament. They alsio caught glimpses of the Air Products hydrogen fuelling station, which promises to fill up the vehicle in under four minutes.

Diana Raine, Air Products, Hydrogen Energy Systems said, “It was great to give the Transport Minister, and so many other policymakers, an opportunity to see this hydrogen transport technology in person. The technology Air Products and Daimler have brought to Parliament today is at the forefront of efforts to develop a hydrogen transport infrastructure for the UK.” 

The demonstration, held opposite the Palace of Westminster, also gave the public an opportunity to see the state-of-the-art hydrogen transport technology and talk to some of Air Products’ and Daimler’s hydrogen transport experts.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said: $quot;Low carbon vehicles are central to our efforts to tackle greenhouse gas emissions - we must recognise that it is carbon, not the car that is the problem.$quot;

Baker added, $quot;I'd like to thank Air Products and Daimler for the opportunity to see the finer details of a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle and showcase a refuelling for me. I hope many MPs have had the opportunity to have a look at the car today and become familiar with the technology.$quot;

The MP concluded by emphasising the importance of hydrogen technology to the West European region. He said, $quot;Our goal is to make Britain a global leader in the design, production and use of electric and ultra-low emission cars and at the forefront of efforts to decarbonise motoring. Only last week my colleague Greg Barker announced a new £7.5m Technology Strategy Board demonstrator programme that will help accelerate the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, bringing them into everyday use.$quot;