Air Products’ mobile hydrogen fuelling technology has been put into service at a hydrogen fuel demonstration project in South Carolina, providing hydrogen for the development and educational showcase in the area.

The fueller is providing hydrogen for a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine pick-up truck in Aiken County, which is being used as a development, demonstration and educational tool in coordination with a program involving the Aiken County Economic Development Partnership.

Tom Joseph, Business Development Manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air
Products, said, “We commend the Economic Development Partnership and Aiken County for its commitment to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen and alternative fuels. Air Products has been involved in demonstration projects around the world to show how hydrogen can be used effectively as an energy carrier for fuel cell and internal combustion engine cars, trucks, buses, fork lifts and even submarines. We are pleased to be part of this project team.”

Joseph noted that the fuelling station will provide hydrogen at 5,000 psi (350 bar) to the truck, which will be used daily to conduct routine business.

Air Products' mobile fueller technology is in operation today in over 20 locations in the US and worldwide, with Fred E. Humes, Director of the Economic Development Partnership, declaring, “By working with Air Products, we have access to the latest in vehicle fuelling equipment and a reliable supply of hydrogen. The project team will provide tangible and visible proof that the use of hydrogen as a replacement for gasoline is feasible, safe and reliable.”