The Forze VII hydrogen (H2) fuel cell racing car, developed by students of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, competed against conventional fuelled cars for the first time during the Gamma Racing Day event at TT Circuit Assen.

Zero emission H2 race cars have been developed since 2007. This particular car, based on the LMP3 monocoque model, is the seventh generation and second full-size circuit racer to be produced.

The energy to propel the vehicle is generated by a 100kW fuel cell, powered by H2. The electric motors can generate a maximum output of 200kW, can reach top speeds of about 210 km/h and can hit 100 km/h from standstill in less than four seconds.

Forze Delft team manager Rick Everaert, said, “We want to show the world that this technology is cool and that it’s possible to race with it.”

The car made very competative lap times, despite a diffcult start from the pit lane, and all systems performed well.

A new board will take over the project in September to finalise the strategy for the upcoming year. It seems a formality that Forze VII will be seen in multiple races in 2018.

Forze VII Forze hydrogen racing team Delft

Forze VII Forze hydrogen racing team Delft