The much publicised Hydrogen Road Tour 2009 reaches its conclusion in Canada next week, having crossed cities, states and borders to spread the message of hydrogen's increasing importance to our transport future.

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) announced that the 2009 Hydrogen Road Tour would tour from San Diego on 26th May, to Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada on 3rd June.

Organized by the ARB, California Fuel Cell Partnership, National Hydrogen Association, US Fuel Cell Council and Powertech Labs, Inc. (on behalf of British Columbia), the tour will travel more than 1,700 miles and have 28 stops between San Diego and Vancouver.

The public will be invited to test drive the vehicles and experience first hand their range, performance and road readiness.

Ready to greet the road rally as it meets its Canadian conclusion will be the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 conference, Canada’s premier international hydrogen and fuel cell event.

The convoy of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles will be arriving on 3rd June and celebrated at the conference, which will showcase Canada’s leadership in the commercialisation of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.