Air products, in cooperation with Hellas Air Pro Ltd, recently refueled a new state-of-the-art submarine of the Hellenic Navy with a supply of hydrogen power.

The HDW class 214 submarine has a fuel cell-generated power supply, allowing it to operate entirely on hydrogen and produce electricity from oxygen and hydrogen. This allows the new submarine to cruise under water for weeks without resurfacing, while the fuel cell makes no noise and produces no detectable exhaust heat, ensuring it remains virtually undetectable.

The fueling took place in Skaramanga, near Athens, with Air Products previously supplying the integral components for the refueling station in Greece.

Ian Williamson, general manager of Future Energy Solutions, Air Products Europe, explains, $quot;We are paving the way to the future hydrogen economy, by already supplying liquid hydrogen from Central Europe, as far as Ireland, Italy, Spain and Israel. By supplying liquid hydrogen as well as fueling equipment, we are able to offer a complete and safe package to our customers.$quot;

Air Products has experience in the development of fueling stations and has already built more than 70 stations worldwide, with this particular fueling technology based on the company's unique cryogenic hydrogen compressors used in conventional hydrogen supplies and bus refueling.

The new submarine was built by Hellenic Shipyards S.A., part of the new North European shipyard company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.