The notion of the hydrogen economy has been talked about, invested in and debated for over 20 years, but only now is that cause being truly recognised for the role it has in a low carbon future. Hydrogen has the potential to be the cornerstone of the energy transition, and momentum gathers in this important space every day. At the same time, the concept itself continues to be redefined.

While the drive to phase out the traditional internal combustion engine for hydrogen mobility was the original focus, hydrogen and energy storage have evolved alongside automotive applications and there is an increasing realisation that hydrogen has the power to decarbonise so many industries and walks of life. In fact, it’s thought that most of the value creation in a hydrogen economy would occur in advanced industries.

To achieve this hydrogen vision, companies across the value chain will need to step up their efforts in hydrogen production, infrastructure roll-out, and end-user adoption. Scaling up is arguably the hottest topic today in the hydrogen energy sector, and a huge challenge that presents many-splintered questions, including:

  • Where is the role of hydrogen being realised, and what have the early adopters experienced?
  • What will it take to empower hydrogen’s role in the energy transition?
  • With demand for feedstock rising, how do we meet this quickly and sustainably?
  • Where do we need to scale up to achieve the necessary benefits in cost and adoption?

Under the theme Realising Hydrogen’s Future Role – and Scaling Up, the Hydrogen Summit 2020 is dedicate to addressing these questions and so much more besides within the hydrogen energy value chain.

Powered by gasworld and introducing H2 View to the events stage, the Summit’s progressive agenda will deliver the experts and insights to drive debate and provide key ‘takeaways’ to help companies strategise their future role in the clean energy sector. All of which will begin with an enterprising and engaging opening keynote from the sustainable energy entrepreneur Prof. Ad van Wijk, also part-time Professor of Future Energy Systems at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

In 1984, Prof. van Wijk founded the company Ecofys, which eventually grew into Econcern and went on to develop many new sustainable energy products, services and projects. Examples include the 120 MW offshore wind farm Princess Amalia in the North Sea, several multi-MW solar farms inSpain,andabiomethanolplantin the Netherlands which is the largest second-generation biomass plant in the world. In addition to his role with TU Delft, today Prof. van Wijk works for KWR Water Research Institute to developandimplementtheresearch programme Energy and Water, and is the hydrogen ambassador at the ‘New EnergyCoalition’torealisethegreen hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands. He is perhaps best known to gasworld readers for his engaging dinner talk at the Clean Energies Conference 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

At the Hydrogen Summit 2020 in Munich in April, Prof. van Wijk will bring this considerable expertise in clean energy systems to the event and underscore the importance of hydrogen in the future energy transition.


Realising hydrogen’s future role

Prof. van Wijk will lead something of an all-star cast for the event, with a speaker line-up comprised of Bart Biebuyck (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking – FCH JU), Dolf Gielen (Director of Innovation and Technology at the International Renewable Energy Agency – IRENA), Dr. Fiona Simon (CEO of the Australian Hydrogen Council), Andreas Rupieper (Managing Director of the new ITM Linde Electrolysis joint venture), Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies Founder and CEO Daniel Teichmann, and PDC Machines’ Kareem Afzal.

Proving the future is possible

Another headline speaker will be Adamo Screnci of German multinational industrials company, and electrolysis world leader, thyssenkrupp. Screnci will discuss the decarbonisation of industries’ at the Summit.

An inspiring H2 View forum chaired by H2 View Advisory Board Member Ravin Mirchandani (Mack Valves) will conclude the day’s discussion and debate, with various case studies proving that the future vision for hydrogen energy is possible.

The session will tackle the investment and infrastructure required for the hydrogen roadmap – as well as inspire delegates with inspirational stories from projects already realised. Among those sharing such intrepid adventures will be Nikola Motor Company Executive Vice-President Jesse Schneider, talking all about the company’s path to success in hydrogen-fuelled truck fleets, and Ballard Power President and CEO Randy MacEwen.

Passionate pioneer Hans-Olof Nilsson of Nilsson Energy will also be a part of the H2 View Forum, Nilsson, together with Nilsson Energy Marketing and PR Director Martina Wettin, will bring his journey to off-grid sustainability to the table via a talk titled From Passion to Practicality: Off-Grid, Emission-Free Renewable Energy. His story broke ground in creating a one-stop-shop for off-grid energy solutions involving hydrogen and, in the process, adopted a mantra of making the impossible, possible. At the Summit, that story will come to life and inspire many more still.


All of whom will gather at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost hotel from 7th-8th April 2020 to not only share in the insights of the day’s agenda, but also take advantage of the invaluable networking opportunities between hydrogen suppliers, end-users and equipment innovators alike.

If those opportunities are something your company needs to maximise in the name of business and hydrogen advocacy, then be sure to save the date and book your place at the Summit today. A complete speaker line-up, coupled with an already sold out exhibition, mean that tickets for the Summit are fast selling out. For more information or to secure your place visit: