The advent of dwindling oil supplies and the inevitable onset of global warming has increased the widespread need for hydrogen-powered vehicles, with Denmark one of the latest countries to outline its plan for hydrogen car production.

According to Fuel Cell Works, the first prototype of the Hywet car will emerge from the garage in August, powered by fuel cells running on hydrogen. Although the vehicle's technology is still being fine-tuned, Hywet's developers believe it will soon provide an affordable and green alternative to internal combustion engines and will feature competitive running costs.

The project is a collaborative effort between private companies Heat and Serenergy, Aalborg University, Mariagerfjord Municipality and the Centre for Material and Energy Technology (Cemtec), based in northern Jutland.

Initial caution is being urged however, as Mikael Kau of Cemtec commented, $quot;In the beginning, they are really expensive, but as soon as large-scale production begins, then prices will also quickly fall.$quot;