Hydrogen (H2) generation technology specialist Hydrogenics Corporation has revealed it will join the prestigious Hydrogen Council as a supporting member.

The Hydrogen Council, launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2017, is an organisation dedicated to supporting H2 energy solutions globally and bringing together industry leaders to share ideas, information and growth strategies. Members include Air Liquide, Alstom, Linde, Toyota, Hyundai and Shell.

Hydrogenics President and CEO, Daryl Wilson, said the company is pleased to join the Hydrogen Council and support the work being done to accelerate the H2 energy revolution taking place worldwide.

He continued, “Standing together at the precipice of this transformation – which will bring clean, sustainable power solutions to the planet – we can assess geopolitical opportunities, technological developments, and various new H2-based applications. We look forward to working alongside so many of our peers, customers, and industry leaders alike to bring the hydrogen economy to fruition.”

Earlier this month, the Hydrogen Council – the first global initiative of its kind that aims to position H2 among the key solutions of the energy transition – welcomed four new steering members Audi, Iwantani, Plastic Omnium and Statoil to the board.

The introduction of these four companies brings the number of steering members to seventeen, this rapid growth demonstrates the recognition of the council as having a leading role to play in helping shape the energy mix of the future.

The Hydrogen Council has also welcomed Mitsui & Co, Plug Power, Faber Industries, Faurecia, First Element Fuel (True Zero), Gore and Toyota Tsuho to the initiative as its first supporting members.