Hydrotechnik UK Ltd has expanded its range of gas charging and testing kits to suit over 95% of the world’s accumulator types and valve connections.

The series varies from simple kits right through to the company’s new World Wide Universal kit, catering for its MinimessTM technology, Schrader and M28 x1.5 metric male ‘allen’ key accumulator valves.

Five sets now complete Hydrotechnik’s range with a selection of pre-charge testing and charging devices also available. For example, its optional 5401 charging device has been designed to ensure safety when testing and charging gas accumulators under full system pressure.

A press release from the Nottingham-based business signified, “Ensuring that the pre-charge pressure is set correctly is the most important factor for both the correct functioning and ensuring accumulator life is not compromised. The care with which pre-charging is set and maintained is therefore an important factor.”

Additionally, Hydrotechnik supplies Minimess Charging and testing points for higher pressure capabilities and lower gas leakage rates compared to standard valves.

Hydrotechnik gas charging kit range


Hydrotechnik, which celebrated its 25th year of trading last year, is a test and measurement equipment manufacturer and distributor based in Nottingham, UK.