Hydrotechnik UK, a test and measurement equipment manufacturer and distributor, has launched its new universal worldwide nitrogen (N2) gas charging kit for pneumatic or gaseous systems.

The kit has been designed specifically for service engineers who work on a range of hydraulic systems and accumulator types, for total preparedness on site and worldwide.

Worldwide test kit nitrogen

It’s charging connections are based around the corporation’s Minimess leak proof gas charging valves, which allows the operator to connect and disconnect under full system pressure without the loss of gas or pressure.

The valves are suitable up to 630 bar and the kit comes with a pressure regulator that allows connection to a wide selection of N2 bottle adaptors.

Richard Price, Managing Director at the Nottingham-based company, said, “We are very excited about the new universal nitrogen gas charging kit which we’ve designed to suit all budgets and requirements. We hope our new universal kit will be warmly welcomed by service engineers and help make their jobs a little bit easier.”