HyGear has formed a new strategic partnership with Pan American Hydrogen, Inc. which the parties say will “cover the entire field of hydrogen (H2) generation.”

Both companies manufacture modular hydrogen generation plants that use steam methane reforming (SMR) technology, but the new collaboration seeks to strengthen both product offering and geographical presence.

The partnership will combine the Netherlands-based HyGear’s expertise in small-scale installations of up to 1,000 Nm3 per hour with Pan American Hydrogen’s strong portfolio of larger plants up to 13,000 Nm3 per hour.

The cooperation will also leverage geographical presence, with Pan American Hydrogen distributing and maintaining HyGear’s systems in North and South America, and HyGear selling and maintaining Pan American Hydrogen’s systems in Europe and Asia.


Sergio Martinez, Pan American Hydrogen’s CEO, highlighted, “Together, our extended product lines will help us both meet the needs of a growing worldwide H2 markets. We are very happy and excited to be combining efforts with HyGear to drive the future growth of our two companies.”

HyGear CEO Marinus van Driel commented, “We complement each other’s product portfolios and our local presence in different geographies creates the leverage for faster growth. We also believe our customer service will be further improved by having knowledgeable teams available on three different time zones in Europe, America and Asia from now on.”

As part of the Pan American Group, Pan American Hydrogen holds over 34 years of experience in H2 plant manufacturing. It uses knowledge acquired from KG Extraction Technologies which was previously developed by Foster Wheeler.

Financial details of the alliance were not disclosed.