Hygear, specialist in on-site gas generation technologies, signed a contract with LIPICO Technologies Pte. Ltd. a turnkey supplier of food production and processing plants from Singapore.

LIPICO is responsible for the engineering and supply of a new edible oil processing plant for Sena Kalyan Edible Oil Industries from Gazipur, Bangladesh. One of the key elements of the plant is the hydrogenation of the oil. In this process, hydrogen (H2) molecules are added in the presence of a catalyst to produce fats with semi-solid consistency. This process prevents oxidation and stabilises the oil.

As the H2 supply in Bangladesh is limited and distances to sources are large, HyGear’s on-site Hy.GEN technology provided great advantages over traditional supply options. In this specific case, where H2 is applied in a batch process, Hy.GEN offers the additional benefit of a high degree of modulation, which means the systems can be idled in case of low demand.

The systems that are supplied are tailored to an output of 100 Nm3 of H2 per hour. The Hy.GEN systems are based on Steam Methane Reforming technology where it converts natural gas and water into H2.

Joanna Kwan, HyGear Asia’s Business Development Manager, commented, “This is an important development for our entity, HyGear Asia in Singapore as well as putting the next foot forward into the food industry. We are elated about this progress.”

“HyGear Asia is constantly working towards the further expansion of our presence in the Asian region. We aim to deploy more systems into the field where they will greatly help the end-users realise their target of cost efficiency and environmental impact reduction,” Kwan concluded.

Hygear Asia delivery

Hygear Asia delivers to Bangladesh

Source: Hygear