HyGear, a supplier of industrial gases through on-site generation technology, sees growth for hydrogen (H2) supply around the region of The Netherlands. 

The initial objective of HyGear’s H2 production site in Arnhem was to provide peak demand supply and back-up capacity to its on-site customers in the region through trailers and cylinders. 

“Since the inauguration of our facilities less than a year ago, we have learned that more companies have a need for the high purity H2 that we produce here”, comments Marinus van Driel, CEO of HyGear. 

The company saw an increasing demand, as it is currently not only filling its own trailers and cylinders, but also those of other industrial gas suppliers. This has led to the situation where the demand will outgrow the current capacity in the foreseeable future. In a bid to meet this growth, the company has decided to invest in additional production capacity by building and installing one of its new Hy.GEN 150 system. 

HyGear found financial support for this capital investment from regional development agency Oost NL. Oost NL manages Fonds Herstructurering Bedrijventerreinen Gelderland (FHBG), a regional structure fund part of Topfonds Gelderland. Oost NL aims to structurally improve the economy in the east of the Netherlands, by investing in companies that provide solutions for global challenges. 

“Our main business is, and will remain, serving customers with H2 that we produce locally at their facilities. You will, however, see that our supply model will include a combination of on-site generation and trucking more often as this allows us to utilise our assets more effectively, and offer H2 even more competitively than we already do. We are developing plans to expand globally and establish more filling hubs like the one in Arnhem in the years to come, supporting our mission to offer the most cost-effective and reliable H2 supply worldwide,” explained Marinus. 

The expansion is expected to be ready in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The Netherlands production facility

The HyGear production site in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Source: HyGear