Netherlands-based HyGear has today announced the signing of a long-term contract with Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flat glass, to supply its float line in Arboc, Spain with hydrogen through on-site generation.

HyGear’s technology, Hy.GEN, produces hydrogen by converting natural gas with steam methane reforming which offers a more reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional supply methods.

“At HyGear, our mission is to provide our customers with the most optimal, cost-effective and reliable form of gas supply. We have proven our mission through the experience that we have gained over the years in the industry and we are honoured to be selected by Saint Gobain,” said Niels Lanser, HyGear’s Director of Sales.

Saint-Gobain is understood to be currently evaluating whether to transform other operations worldwide to such on-site supply as well.

Daniel Pacheco, Saint-Gobain’s Industrial Gases Purchasing Manager, commented, “Capturing innovative solutions among our suppliers is part of our World Class Purchasing key strategies. Hygear has developed an innovative cost-effective hydrogen production solution we could benefit worldwide.”