Onsite gas generation specialist HyGear has secured another long-term supply contract for hydrogen (H2) to a leading global metallurgy company.

The company will use the H2 in its large-scale sintering process.

HyGear explained in a statement that pure H2 is often seen as the most effective atmosphere for high-temperature sintering of metal powders during compaction into a solid form. The temperature is usually near melting point of many powder metallurgy parts. H2 helps to maximise corrosion resistance and the key properties of density. The reason for high temperature sintering with H2 is to reduce surface oxides and remove impurities from the alloy.

HyGear will install it’s widely-applied Hy.GEN technology to deliver the base-line supply by generating H2 at the customer’s site. In addition, it’s growing trailer fleet will be deployed to guarantee supply flexibility in cases of temporary demand increase. This set up offers the most cost-effective and reliable H2 supply for this critical application.

“The signing of this contract helps us strengthen our presence in the metal industry, which is our third growing market after the flat glass and food industries. Although our technologies are not limited to certain industrial applications, we feel that our industry-focused roll out strategy leads to better understanding of our customers’ needs. It also allows us to tailor our solutions in such a way that we will always offer the most cost-effective and reliable overall solution”, said Niels Lanser, HyGear’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

“We are also performing research and development works to further reduce costs by recycling the gases used in the process. We are currently implementing this technology in the glass industry and our next step is to develop products dedicated to the metal industry as well.”

Sintering 1

Source: HyGear