Netherlands-based HyGear has announced that it will start supplying cylinder gases in the new year, adding to its current portfolio of onsite industrial gas generation.

Expected to start operations by the second half of 2017, the onsite gas generation specialist will supply hydrogen (H2) cylinder gas from its new facilities in Arnhem.

The filling station will be supplied with H2 from HyGear’s onsite generation system – the Hy.GEN. It will produce an initial capacity of 200kgs per day of H2 at 99.999% purity, with pressures of 300 bar for cylinders and 250 bar for tube trailers.

It is understood that this new expansion will enable HyGear to support companies that require lesser and irregular supplies of H2.

CEO Marinus van Driel emphasised, “This initiative will allow HyGear to use our filling site to supply cylinder H2 gas as well as to service our customers in the region as backup supply.”