Onsite gas generation specialist HyGear has signed a contract with flat glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain for the supply of Hy.REC®mix gas recovery systems.

The results of the initial testing of the Hy.REC®mix in the facility of Saint-Gobain in Herzogenrath, Germany, have been proven successful by both teams of engineers in Saint-Gobain and HyGear. With these positive results, Saint-Gobain has chosen to implement the full system in another one of their facilities located in Porz, Germany.

In this ten-year contract, HyGear will recover, upgrade and recycle between 300 and 600 Nm3 per hour of the spent Industrial gas mixture of hydrogen (H2) and nitrogen (N2) from the float line. This will reduce Saint-Gobain’s demand for new gas significantly and as a result reduces costs and environmental impact.

“The installation of our HyREC®mix technology at Porz is the result of an extensive engineering effort from both companies over the past two years,” explained Niels Lanser, HyGear’s Director of Marketing and Sales. “We started out with basic designs based on tests of spent gases in Pisa and Herzogenrath plants and tailored the design further based on small scale tests in real life situations. From these tests, we learned that there is the potential savings is tremendous.”


Source: HyGear

“In close cooperation with Saint-Gobain, HyGear has developed this highly interesting recycling system which gives us the opportunity to reduce our H2 and N2 consumption and therefore reduce our environmental impact as well as our costs. This capturing of innovations among the supply chain is completely in line with our groups sustainability program and the groups World Class Purchasing strategy,” said Thomas Schuster, Industrial Director of Saint-Gobain Glass Industry Germany.

Advantages of gas recycling

The Hy.REC® system is developed to recover the gas mixtures from the tin bath in float glass production and metal industry. Currently, significant amounts of the H2-N2 gas mixture are – in combination with pollutants – left at the exit of industrial processes and left unutilised.

The Hy.REC® system can recover this used and polluted mixed gas atmosphere from the process in a very cost-effective way. By feeding the polluted gas mixture into HyGear’s Gas Recovery System, a significant fraction of the H2 and N2 can be recovered and reused as a new reductive gas mixture. This reduces costs and improves the product quality due to the increased atmosphere refreshment rate.