HyperSolar, Inc., a developer of technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, has announced that the stability test of its fully integrated hydrogen production device has surpassed 502 hours without any degradation and is still ongoing.

The device uses a commercially available solar cell made by Xunlight Corporation, Ltd. In Kunshan, China. The design of the device will serve as the foundation for the company’s first-generation commercial renewable hydrogen generator.

During June (2018) whilst testing the all-in-one, wireless solar-hydrogen device, HyperSolar observed 294 hours of stable operation under continuous simulated peak sunlight illumination.

Improved and advanced coating and catalyst technologies on the device further extended the lifetime of the hydrogen production device to 365 hours of stability under peak sunlight. Putting the company in reach of the 1000-hour goal.

The night-time stability of the device submerged in water remains stable for over 760 hours.

“The recent result of this ongoing test clearly indicates peak sunlight stability over 502 hours and night time stability over 760 hours,” said Dr Joun Lee, HyperSolar CTO.

The commercialised fully integrated production device will be immersed underwater 24/7, and for that reason, the night-time stability is as crucial as the daytime stability for the prolonged device lifetime.

“What our team at the University of Lowa has achieved with the stabilisation of our device is unmatched in comparable products,” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar.

“HyperSolar’s proprietary design and the future use of commercial manufacturing processes give us confidence that we can mature the technology to the point at which the cost of the hydrogen produced will be highly competitive compared to existing means of hydrogen production,” Young concluded.

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