HyperSolar, a developer of technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, has announced that its stability test of its proprietary fulling integrated hydrogen has reached 556 hours.

The achievement breaks the company’s own record for a wireless self-contained solar hydrogen device.

The design of the device will serve as the foundation of the company’s first generation commercial renewable hydrogen generator.

“This is a strong step forward. We have worked hard to fine tune our process so that the solar cell is well protected from the corrosion under water, which had been a problem in the past,” said Tim Young, HyperSolar CEO.

“Our team has identified the cause for performance degradation this time to be the manual coating and catalyst integration step performed in the lab. The company is working with contract manufacturers to employ an automated process to overcome this limitation and improve device lifetime,” Young continued.

The company reported an on-going production of hydrogen surpassing 500 hours on 5th February (2019).

HyperSolar reports record for continuous stable hydrogen production

The same device from the previous announcement was continued to be tested by the research team at the University of Lowa and showed a stable production of hydrogen for 556 hours.

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