Hypertherm has announced a new Centricut brand quick change torch for use with ESAB plasma cutting systems. The torch, which incorporates proprietary Hypertherm technology, is designed to replace ESAB PT-36, PT-600, and PT-19XLS torches.

It will perform as well as the original ESAB single piece torch design, while increasing productivity. The two-piece quick-change design allows operators to change out consumables up to three times faster or, through the use of multiple torch heads, load consumables for the next job while cutting the current job.

“This new torch provides owners of ESAB systems with the time-saving benefits of quick-change technology at a very affordable price,” explains Cynthia von Recklinghausen, product marketing manager for Hypertherm’s Centricut brand. “On top of that, ESAB owners can realize further cost savings while enjoying improved cut quality and consumable life by coupling the use of their torch with Centricut brand consumables.”