Hypertherm is celebrating the grand opening of a new 28,000 square foot waterjet facility in New Brighton, Minnesota.

The building contains both office and manufacturing space for the company’s line of HyPrecision waterjet products. In addition, it houses manufacturing space for Hypertherm’s AccuStream brand of consumable parts for competitive waterjet systems. Though located less than a quarter mile from Hypertherm’s former waterjet headquarters, the move enables massive opportunities for Hypertherm, the greater New Brighton community, and the environment as a whole.

Advantages include a new, ultramodern, closed-loop water recirculation system expected to save about 22 million gallons of water per year. Additionally, the new facility utilizes a dry cooler system to convert the harsh Minnesota climate into clean energy. While a standard chiller functions much like an enormous refrigerator, the dry cooler uses 12 simple fans to blow outside air over a radiator. 

The dry cooler, which automatically turns on when the outdoor temperature dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, uses a small fraction of energy compared to the chiller.

“The move to this new building is exciting for a couple of reasons,” explains Sara Mancell, who heads up Hypertherm’s waterjet systems operations. “It provides us with growing room to meet increasing demand for our products, while also lowering our environmental footprint.”