US industrial cutting systems and software company Hypertherm has launched a new optional module for its ProNest® advance CAD/CAM nesting software to improve productivity, maximise machine time and increase material utilisation.

Dubbed Production Manager, the software can integrate with Hypertherm’s EDGE Connect® CNC, to automatically capture machine data without the need for operator intervention.

For a user-friendly experience, the software also comes with dashboard view, real-time information, flexible intervention and remote access. With the mentioned features, an entire time is able to receive and track live updates.

Tom Stillwell, Product Marketing Manager for Hypertherm Software Products, said, “Production Manger takes the guess work out of an organisation’s daily operation by connecting everyone to the same information, in real-time to drive business cohesion and continuity.”

“Production Manager is also a great example of how Hypertherm hardware and software products work together to provide customers with new levels of automation and efficiency, something that is increasingly important as companies move toward a more digital shop floor.

Stillwell continued, “Production Manager further extends ProNest’s reach across organizations by interfacing with all aspects of the cutting operation including sales, customer service, procurement, and management.”