Hypertherm’s new XPR300™ is the most recent advancement in plasma cutting technology.

The system offers ‘unmatched cut quality’ on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, increased cut speed, dramatically improved productivity and a 50% operating cost reduction.

These advances are due to an array of new process technologies which Hypertherm calls X-Definition™ cutting. Some of these key processes include:

HyFlow vortex or vented nozzle technology – A unique two-piece vented nozzle design that aligns and focuses the plasma arc for increased arc stability and energy density resulting in a cleaner, sharper, more consistent edge quality on all steel including stainless steel and aluminium

Vented Water Injection (VWI) – Patent pending process featuring a vented nitrogen (N2) plasma gas and water shield gas for less angularity and squarer cut edges on stainless steel and especially aluminium.

Vent-to-shield – Technology in which hydrogen (H2) from the vented plasma gas is reclaimed and mixed with the shield gas, reducing angularity and delivering more consistent edge colour on stainless steel up to 12 mm.

Plasma dampening – Patent pending technology adds a chamber in the nozzle to absorb the pressure and flow fluctuations that create arc instability during cutting with lower current, highly constricted arcs required for thin stainless applications. This eliminates wavy and irregular cut surfaces.

Cool nozzle™ – Patent pending feature on the 300-amp oxygen process in which liquid cooling is sent directly to the nozzle bore, increasing cut quality over the life of the consumables by more than 40%.

Advanced arc stability – Technology that modifies impingement of the shield gas for improved arc stability when coming out of a pierce hole or out of an acute angle for reduced lead-in lengths and improved cut quality.

Arc response technology™ – Senses what is happening with the plasma arc and automatically intervenes to reduce the impact of an electrode blow-out and possible torch failure. This feature can also sense when the arc is about to terminate in an uncontrolled manner. The XPR300 power supply senses when a ramp down error is about to occur and rapidly terminates the arc in a controlled manner for a threefold increase in realised consumable life.

Built in WiFi capability enables connectivity to your smart device for convenient system monitoring, process set up and connectivity to the LAN for multiple system tracking.

In addition to automatic system monitoring, the XPR contains a number of other features to redefine ease-of-use. These features include a patent-pending QuickLock™ electrode in which the electrode is tightened and loosened in a ¼ turn, an EasyConnect™ tool-less connection to the TorchConnect™ console, and a torch design that enables one handed torch change-outs.