HyPower Fuel Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been admitted as a Small Business Member in the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) effective July 1, 2007, after an extensive due diligence period.

Mr. Douglas Bender, president of HyPower, noted that, $quot;the NHA has been the pre-eminent source for information on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies since the 1980's. Its members include stakeholders from large industry, small business, government and universities. We believe that joining the NHA provides us with instant recognition that we are a serious company involved in hydrogen production and insertion.$quot;

The NHA's members include stakeholders from industry, small business, government and universities. Current members include Ballard Power, BP, Chevron, Shell Hydrogen, General Motors, Praxair, Air Liquide, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Southwest Research Institute.