HyRadix® Inc., a provider of on-site hydrogen generation systems and supply solutions, has entered into an agreement with Praxair India, a subsidiary of US based Praxair, Inc., for the supply of the on-site hydrogen generator for industrial hydrogen applications within India. This multi-year agreement covers the certification of the HyRadix Aptus hydrogen generator via the Praxair vendor qualification process as well as the exclusive supply of the Aptus generator to Praxair in India.

The Aptus hydrogen generation system allows customers to have economical on-site hydrogen production with high reliability for uninterrupted manufacturing processes such as metals annealing float glass production and edible oils hydrogenation. The systems produce high purity hydrogen from a feedstock of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and can be combined to generate 50 - 500 Nm3/h very economically compared to alternative means of delivered hydrogen.

“We are very pleased to be working with Praxair, the leading industrial gas supplier in India, in such an exciting and rapidly growing market as India,” said Greg Solomon, Chairman of HyRadix parent company Eden Energy.

“As the Indian economy continues its rapid pace of growth it is becoming more difficult to satisfy the demand for hydrogen from existing indigenous sources,” said David Cepla, President of HyRadix.