HyTech Power, a hydrogen (H2) energy solutions company, has appointed Jerry Allyne to its executive team as president.

Jerry Allyne, President, HyTech

Jerry Allyne, President, HyTech

Allyne, former Vice-President of strategic planning and analysis at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, joins the company as it prepares to launch multiple H2-based technologies designed to address energy efficiency, emissions reduction and engine performance in the automotive, energy and related markets.

Allyne comes to HyTech after over 30 years of service with Boeing, where he most recently led strategic planning and integration, product strategy, market analysis, competitive analysis, biofuels and new-business evaluation for Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA).

In addition, he led the integration of BCA with the Boeing International team and the Washington, D.C. team. As President of HyTech Power, Allyne will oversee all sales, marketing and business operations for the commercialisation of three market-ready technologies. Allyne joins the executive team alongside Executive Chairman Henry Dean, CEO Phillip Jennings, CTO Evan Johnson and CFO Thomas Mentele.

Phil Jennings, CEO, HyTech Power, stated, “Transitioning from product development to commercialisation requires incredible business acumen and strategy, especially when dealing with a disruptive technology like ours.”

“Jerry’s expertise and background at Boeing will be a critical asset to ensuring we are market-ready from a supply-chain perspective. We’re delighted to welcome Jerry to the team, and we look forward to taking HyTech Power to the next level,” Jennings added.

Allyne explains that this a very exciting time to be joining HyTech Power. “We are introducing a breakthrough technology that substantially reduces emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance costs in the diesel retrofit market. It’s a huge win for the environment and a low-risk, high-return for our customers,” she stated.

“In addition to this pathway technology, we also have two additional H2-based technologies in the pipeline that will soon be ready for market testing, again addressing markets with significant opportunity. My primary responsibilities lie in the commercialisation of these technologies and ensuring we have everything in place to maximise the opportunities ahead of us.”

HyTech Power has been in stealth mode since 2012, developing three parallel technologies that offer a clear path to the adoption of clean, efficient and renewable H2 energy. The company’s first product is a patented H2 injection system that delivers substantial fuel efficiencies while significantly decreasing emissions and maintenance costs: Internal Combustion Assistance (ICA) is currently undergoing California Air Resources Board (CARB) verification and is expected to become commercially available in the first quarter of 2018.

“Like many others, when I heard the team at HyTech was working on an HHO technology I was immediately skeptical. Then I saw it in action,” said Allyne. “This technology delivers on the promise of HHO on every front: reduced emissions, increased fuel efficiencies, enhanced engine performance, reduced maintenance costs, safety, easy installation and calibration, and – maybe most important – return on investment in under one year of operation. Once I understood the opportunity, joining the company became a very easy decision. We’re excited to be able to share more information with the market in the near future.”