Hyundai has delivered its first hydrogen-powered sport-utility vehicle (SUV) to former scientist Todd Hochrad.

The California based custumer is the first US owner of the NEXO, the only mass-produced fuel cell SUV which has arange up to 380 miles for the US market.

NEXO is the new technological flagship of Hyundai’s growing eco-vehicle portfolio and marks Hyundai’s commitment and momentum with the industry’s most diverse SUV line-up.

NEXO uses a number of ecological materials in its construction, bio-based materials were applied to 47 parts and reduced CO2 emissions by 26lbs during manufacturing process.

Both models of the car have hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and an electric motor that produces 161horsepower (120 kW/163 PS).

The blue model of the car has an estimated range of 380miles before needed a refill, the limited version of the car has an estimated range of 354 miles.

The car can be refuelled in as little as five minutes, allowing a consumer lifestyle very similar to a comparable gasoline-powered SUV in terms of range and refuelling speed.

NEXO can be leased for $399 for the blue model of $449 for the limited model for 35 months and can be purchased for $58,300.