Energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power has signed yet another fuel contract, this time to supply Hyundai Motor UK with hydrogen (H2) for its iX35 Fuel Cell fleet.

The contract covers fuel dispensed across the UK-based business’s H2 refuelling network, including the new H2 station that ITM Power opened in Teddington, London, in May this year – representing the first publicly accessible station in the UK.

The H2 will be supplied at £10 per kg.

This is the fifth fuel supply contract that ITM Power has signed, with Hyundai joining Toyota, Commercial Group, Arcola Energy and Arval as ITM Power’s fuel customers.

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of the UK-based business, highlighted, “We are extremely pleased to be working with Hyundai Motor UK in providing clean fuel for the operation of their fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and promoting clean emission motoring without compromise to their customers.”

ITM Power currently has £16.85m ($20.86m) worth of projects under contract and a further £4.15m ($5.14m) of contracts in the final stages of negotiation.

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