Hyundai Motor Company has signed a memorandum of understand (MOU) with Korea East-West Power (EWP) and Deokyang to generate electricity from hydrogen.

The pilot project conducted under the MOU will deliver a one-megawatt (MW) hydrogen fuel cell power facility.

Hyundai Motor will build the fuel cell system, EWP will manage the facility and sale of electricity, and Deokyang will supply the hydrogen.

The agreement was finalised yesterday in a signing ceremony attended by Hyundai’s Head of Strategy and Technology Division, President and Chief Innovation Officer Youngcho Chi, along with president II Jun Park and Chi Yoon Lee of EWP and Deokyang, respectively.

The use of Hyundai’s proprietary fuel cell technology in the pilot project marks the first-time local technology is being used in a fuel cell power facility in Korea.

The one-megawatt power facility, scheduled to break ground later this year in Ulsan, will consist of two container-type 500 kW generator modules, each loaded with multiple power modules from Hyundai’s flagship fuel cell vehicle NEXO.

The facility can generate an annual supply of 8,000 MWh, enough electricity to power approximately 2,200 household at 300 kWh per month, while emitting zero greenhouse gases or pollution as it is fuelled by hydrogen.

The pilot project presents an opportunity for Hyundai Motor to take its fuel cell technology beyond the automotive industry.

Hyundai Motor will collaborate closely with EWP and Deokyang to expand the scope of the project down the line.

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